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  Traditional methodologies like nodern methodologies have advantages and disadvantages. It depends on whether teachers use in a correct way.

  On the one hand, for teachers traditional methodologies can be better than modern methodologies, because they do not have to learn how to use ICT, for example, a thing that they need to use with modern methodologies. In addition, teachers from te "old school" are used to teaching with books, and it would be difficult for them to change their methodology. Sometimes, teachers who use traditional methodologies do not do anything to help children that need help.

  On the other hand, traditional methodologies do not take care of the interests of children. However, these things do not happen whit modern methodologies, because if a children needs help, teachers will help him, and it is positive to motivate children.

  To sum up, I think that traditional methodologies are not bad when teachers do their work well. But in the future, if I work in  a  school I will use modern methodologies.


  Dear Paula.

  How are you? I've got lots of things to tell you.

  This year I started to study fpr an education degree. I think I will enjoy it, because I love children. But I have some problems with the timetables. Some days we have lessons in the mornings and in the afternoons, and I have to organize my job timetable to be able to go to college. If the next year the timetables are like this year I don't know if I can continue studying for the degree.

  In addition, we have lots of assigments to do, and we spend a lot of time doing these. I don't have much time for myself, to meet my friends. However, I enjoy going to college. The subjects are interesting and my clasmates are fantastic. When I finish I would love to work in a school with children. I'm sure I will enjoy it.

  I hope you are doing well in you job. looking forward to seeing you.

Best wishes, Marc

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